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Bonita Vacuum Bag Magique (Hand Pressed) Set of Two
Posted on - 25 Sep 2017 5:35 PM Views : 62

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Posted By: Rohit Baveja

Location: 872/1, 2nd Floor, Hazi Bulding, Qutab Road Sadar B, Delhi

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Magique Vacuum bags are the best option to store all your winter wear , woolen clothes and even your expensive silk clothes. It enlarges your storage space by three times! No Vacuum Cleaner is required to use this bag. Simply press the bag with your hands and vacuum out air easily.It comes in a set of two. These vacuum bags are transparent for a better visibility and are reusable . They keep your stuff dirt free, moisture free, moth free and odour free too ! No moth balls are required to protect your stuff and your clothes are fresh to use when required without any pungent smell. The bags are made up of PA/PE superior quality material. The extra feature is dual colour lock (Yellow and Blue) when zip is locked, it automatically converts to Green for a 100% safe lock. Club comes with Patented and colourful Valve for safety and an elegant look !required to protect your stuff. On opening the bag, your stuff takes back its original shape like magic and that too without any crinkles!