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Kent Air Purifier - Eternal
Posted on - 05 Jan 2018 8:19 PM Views : 67

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Posted By: Rohit Baveja

Location: 872/1, 2nd Floor, Hazi Bulding, Qutab Road Sadar B, Delhi

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Kent Eternal Air Purifier Now Make Your Room Air Bacteria Free, Pure & Healthy Removes Particulate Matter from Air. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) dust collection technology :- Kent Air Purifier uses the tested and proven HEPA technology from Japan, to catch and trap harmful pollutants, which are otherwise known to cause serious health hazards. Sterilization Anti-Allergic Compound/Dust-Collecting Filter :- The sterilization anti-allergic compound filter not only removes PM 2.5 from the air but also purifies PM 0.3 effectively. It also removes bacteria passing via the compound filter protecting you and your loved ones. High-Efficiency Removal of Particulate Matter :- Kent Eternal Air Purifier effectively removes bacteria, PM 2.5 particulate and SPM (suspended particulate matter) present in the indoor air. Formaldehyde decomposition/ Formaldehyde specialized Filter :- Kent Eternal Air Purifier employs specially treated activated carbon with a high grade adsorption value which gives better adsorption properties for the odor/foul smell, formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds, Oxides of Sulfide and Nitrogen, Hydro-carbons, Cigarette smoke, dust, pet odor etc. Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring :- Kent Eternal has inbuilt intelligent light sensors which continuously monitor the air quality in the room to adjust clean air flow in accordance to the air quality. The air quality is indicated by a glowing LED. High Filter Life :- Kent Eternal Air Purifier filters have a high shelf life which need not be replaced very frequently. Filter Change Indicator :- Kent Eternal has an inbuilt filter change alarm for a complete peace of mind. The filter change alarm sets off whenever it is time to replace the filter. Silent Operation :- Kent Eternal Air Purifier has an extremely silent operation. User-friendly functional design, safe and convenient for use :- Kent Eternal Air Purifier has been elegantly crafted and is suitable for use