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Kent Atta Maker And Bread Maker
Posted on - 05 Jan 2018 8:47 PM Views : 98

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Posted By: Rohit Baveja

Location: 872/1, 2nd Floor, Hazi Bulding, Qutab Road Sadar B, Delhi

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Kent Atta Maker & Bread Maker Kneads Atta in Minutes…..Hygienically And Makes Fresh Bread also :- The manual process of kneading atta for chapattis, poori and breads is not only unhygienic but also tiresome. House maids often knead with bare hands and without proper sanitization, making it unhygienic and unhealthy. Kent presents Kent Atta Maker & Maker for kneading soft and hygienic Atta dough in minutes for chapattis or poori and also makes fresh bread in just few hours. With its one–touch automatic operation this Smart Chef appliance takes care of your family’s health without any compromise on taste. Features :- One-touch automatic appliance :- Just add Atta, water & select the desired menu option. It automatically kneads atta. Make Breads as well :- After kneading the dough, it can automatically bake the bread as well. Hygienic process :- Hygienic process of kneading dough for chappatis & pooris without touching dough with bare hands. Enjoy fresh & healthy multigrain bread :- Different menu variety of breads like French wheat brown, etc. Preset Program menus Function Usage :- Chapatti Atta :- Make dough for Chapattis Poori Atta :- Makes dough for Pooris Basic Bread :- Makes common type of bread Quick Bread :- Makes Bread quicker than basic function Sweet Bread :- Ideal for making bread with added ingredients like Fruit juice French bread :- Ideal for making breads from fine flour Whole-wheat Bread :- For making whole wheat bread Rice Bread :- An ideal setting to make bread from a mix of wheat and rice flour Gluten-free Bread :- For making bread without using Gluten Dessert :- Ideal setting for kneading and baking dessert Pizza Dough :- Ideal for making dough for buns &pizza base Cake :- Ideal setting for kneading and baking Jam :- Ideal setting for making fresh fruit jams and marmalade Yogurt :- For making Yogurts Bake :- Ideally used for extra baking of bread St